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recently lots of people is getting addicted to all the Memes like Sabahan Troll and 9GAG. and yeahh.. i also get addicted to this kinda stuff... and here is some artwork i'd sent to Sabahan Troll.. hope you guys like it.. Feel free to read and have fun people. :)

My First Memes.. :)

2nd Memes.. :)

3rd Memes

4th Memes

5th Memes :: True story between me and him.. :) 

6th Memes.. keep on going

7th Memes... dis is reality between me and my siblings. :)

8th Memes.... it always happens.. not only me, but all my friends.. :D 

9th Memes :: seriously, epic fail if this did happen to you guys.. :D 

10th Memes :: paling palui kalau begini.. :D 

11th Memes :: Teachers Vs Nurses Part I

12th Memes :: Teachers vs Nurses Part II

13th Memes. Fact and it's TRUE! :D 

14th Memes... *sigh* i hate this kinda stuff... 

so, how do i make all this stuff?? well, actually senang seja... kamu ada idea and dpt buat storyline then just buat memes di sini... :)  kalau ada lagi Memes saya buat baru nanti saya upload kay? well, thanks for viewing my artwork.. May God Bless us all.. stay beautiful ladies and stay macho gentlemen. :)

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