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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Putting my Guard Down Babe.

Assalamualaikum readers and fellows.. 

First of all, i wanna say happy fasting to all and for sure Selamat Menyambut Malam-Malam terakhir Ramadhan. :) i bet semua pun berlumba-lumba mau kejar pahala dalam malam-malam terakhir Ramadhan ni kan? 

and for my entry kali ni... yep, i'm putting my Guard Down. Somethin' bad happens to me yang buat saya moody today. Well, one of the cause is i'm facing my PMS actually baaa... besala.. orang perempuan.. common kan? && today all the things yang agak2 'hangat'. the conversation semua selesai today la. Thank God. i'm not offense anybody by the way i'm commenting and i'm never blaming anyone bout the problem. Just sharing something and i thought it could give benefit towards other but they think it in different way. ==' *sigh* 

Well, nvm.. im not gonna talk bout it anymore. :D just i hope other will put their guard down and try to accept others punya pendapat juga even they're younger than you. Yes, i know. you're have more experience compared to me... but, at least put yourself in their shoes/side.. then you'll learn how to appreciate others feeling. 

one thing i learn bout this thingy is, after this.. kalau saya jadi senior, i'm not gonna do the same mistake like what they did... not only me y terasa but others pun sama... like, when you're giving your opinion bout something then your senior gonna provoke you and think that your opinion and what are you talk about is childish laaa... something like that.. boleh fikir sendiri, bla, bla, bla... first, jangan mengencang.. talk slowly.. slow talk.. one thing about communication, to attract them, never blaming their opinion.. it's a RUDE MANNERS. seriously ladies n gentlemen. 

&& i even talk bout this matter to my dad just now, and guess what he said " shame on them. kamu orang kesihatan tapi kenapa sikap kamu begini. Kebersihan is the main thing y org kesihatan akan jadikan priority. tapi kenapa di pandang ringan?? kalau orang luar tgk cara kamu macam tu. apa pandangan dorang sama kamu? cuci piring pakai sabun kain? cuci piring pakai tisu? dorang rasa bersih suda macam tu? is that what your college taught you guys bout KEBERSIHAN? if daddy la yang jadi orang luar pegi kolej kamu tgk cara kamu begitu, please... i'm not gonna cure by the nurses or MA's yang ada attitude begitu. SABUL! rela daddy pegi swasta kalau macam ni."

and i'm like :O omaigaddd... betul juga cakap daddy... kalau la orang luar nampak habit kami di sini macam mana? bukan tidak mau bersyukur tapi dgn attitude macam ni la kadang2 orang akan terbiasa dan kebersihan itu akan jadi perkara yang remeh-temeh bagi kita. 

So, people... one advice from me to you. hormat pandangan orang lain. cuba berfikir secara rasional. don't blaming others. if you respect them, they will respect you also. like what one of them did. to miss E. saya repsect cara kau. saya respect cara dia bagi pendapat. She gives her opinion dalam cara yang berbudi bahasa. bukan trus2 blaming2 and all that stuff.. :))) thumbs up! :) 


Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hye.dear,thanks for dropping by in my blog.yeah,anything u wanna ask me..just share..insyallah,if i can help u..i do..:)

Adila Nuryein said...

so hows your condition right now sis??? hows the treatment??? nothing.. actually, im feelin' quite down baa right now.. :'( haih~ sorry, im quite busy with babysitting.. heee.. lmbt baca ini komen.. besides, teda air kan d blok 3. then i have to go home every weekend gara2 mau cuci kain