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Sunday, August 12, 2012

It Started With a Simple Friend Request :)

Assalamualaikum earthlings. :) 

hey, so hows your Ramadhan? for mine. well, kinda bored but sometimes yea, it's awesome. :) Well, what i mean by bored is im not have a chance to break my fasting together with my mighty Dangshin ---> Hisyam.. he's being quite busy all this month. *sigh* ==' Well, nvm. at least he calls and text me every single day. :))

So, yesterday 11 August bersamaan dengan 22 Ramdhan if i'm not mistaken laa.. it's really a meaningful day to be remembered of.. Anniversary?? naaahh.. our anniversary is on 1st September.. so whatsap with 11 August? actually, 22 Ramadhan. dats the point laa.. 22 Ramadhan last year, something meaningful happened to me. :) on 22 Ramdhan, detik perkenalan.. essehhh.. jiwanggsss... :p no, im being serious. Seriously, it is our detik perkenalan. :) detik for me to add him on facebook. yea, yea.. i know, its like what Miss Najwa Latif said. "Cinta Muka Buku" yes earthlings.. We both berkenalan di Facebook. and i am the one yang buat first move. :p so??? it's not a crime untuk bawa anak teruna orang berkenalan aight? i have the right to make friends with anyone i like. heee... 

on that night i add him and the next morning bila nampak notification " Muhd Hisyam is now friends with you" im like.. omaigaddd.. omaigadd.. he confirmed my friend request. and saya jadi orang yang paling happy di dunia.. why not??? satu malam stalk profile dia sambil dgr lagu I Stalk Your Profile... :p and the rest, let it be history.. next time i will story how we get close and how we ended up macam sekarang.. i never tot that by my simple friend request to him, sekarang he is my Special Handsome Charming Sweetie Boyfriend. :D like seriously???? am I dreaming???


So, dont want to story panjang2.. cause i know im too sweet if i tell ya about all our story *sila muntah* :) So long and Goodnight everybody. tomorrow is my first duty, *sigh. first day on praktikal for this sem. Wish me Luck. and for you Hisyam, i made this speech for you. :) *the rest kalau mau muntah sila jangan baca. isi kandungan ialah 18SG . :D 

This is For You :') 

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