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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Life Has Begins....

Assalamualaikum.. hey there... after a while finally i manage to enter my gmail... well, i've to make a new blog since my old blog have been hacked by i dunno la who kan.. haters always like me.. :D sandi juga oww kan.. but, nvm.. bagus juga.. sebab my entry for old blog is all about exes.. :D and i wanna tell ya, well... kalau kamu nda suka baca, nda payah la baca.. sebab nanti kamu geli.. :D

many things happen recently to me... well, 2012 already passed by 6 months... and i've move on... it's been quite long since he left me. and i have new life here... with all my new comer of bestie.. :)) kamu mau tingu gmbr2 dorang?  here some... 

we're having fun at perdana park 

dinner together... at cp?? :O 

hell yeahhh.. i love my new life here... kalau kamu mau urat dorang2 suma ni bagitau saya aaa.. nanti saya bagi phone number.. haha! just joking brooo... 

well, for peoples out there... live your life to the fullest.. jan kasi bazir2... kamu juga rugi... make some friends and enjoy the times that you guys spend with them... cheers. and stay beautiful people.. :) 

#thanks for reading sebab i have no idea for my new entry. :D 

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