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Saturday, May 26, 2012

HE is the ONE for me. :')

Hey there... kali ni entry saya mau cerita pasal someone who really meaningful to me. so, kalau kamu tida sanggup mau baca and rasa geli, do not read it, i didn't force u guys... 

tiba-tiba rasa mau tulis pasal dia sebab td i really touched by what he did to me. and when i think back about what stuff he did before, it makes me cry, makes me full with tears but a joyful tears.. :') saya rasa sangat... sangat... sangat... bersyukur sebab i have him by myside, as a partner, a boyfie, a best-friend and semua-semua laa.. saya happy sebab dapat jumpa dengan orang macam dia y i never think a guy like him would be exist in this world. he makes me believe there's a bunch of guys out there who still have heart and respect girl.. everyday rutin harian dia, when he wake up he will call me and wish Good Morning to me.. even it's just a simple wish but i really appreciate it. he did it almost everyday. ( kadang2 dia t'lambat bangun juga ) and every night we'll talk on phone for about 2,3 hours before go to sleep. 

Setiap kali kami bergaduh, dialah orang pertama yang akan cakap "sorry"... although it's just a simple word tp it really meaningful baa.. bukan senang mau kasi turun ego kita untuk someone kan? and when we fought, i did cried and when he heard me crying, he tries to calm me down... and he did something yang buat saya terharu, at that time he has event, a very important event melibatkan family... but he canceled it just for me.. supaya boleh jumpa saya before saya start posting d Papar... he don't have mood on that day but when he met me, he smiles... :') he smile just for me. 

How do we meet? actually, kami kenal dari facebook dan saya yang add dia dulu.. then, I ask his phone number from his cousin(one of my friend also). after almost a month having fun texting and sharing stories and suddenly, he tells me that he likes me and want us to be more than friend. and i'm like" what the hell happen on this earth? " tiba-tiba seja. But, for real, i'm very happy when he confessed to me at that time. 

and what he did just now, Today kami janji mau jumpa. cause i'll start on my holiday next week.. tapi last-last minute he had to cancel it sebab ada event penting dekat sekolah dan kaki dia cedera after main basketball kemarin... dan saya sangat kecewa.. he did anything untuk pujuk tp at last he said he want to meet me. Again dia kasi cancel something yang very important buat dia.. just for me. walaupun saya rasa bersalah sebab too selfish for him.. he would do anything just for make sure i'm happy. even sacrifice kepentingan dia sendiri... and for that, i promise to myself i will love him for my entire life. :) i feel pity for him sebab time keluar dengan dia td, dia jalan bukan mcm biasa. terpaksa heret kaki kiri cause kaki tu terseliuh and sangat teruk. Tapi untuk saya, he came and put a smile on his face like nothing happen.. 

For You, Dangshin.... 

 I will never disappointed u again and i promise i'll never let you go... I DO LOVE YOU. thanks for entering my life and thanks for willing to do anything just to make sure i'm happy. cause for you, if i'm happy, it's also your happiness.. :') i never know i would met someone who really be meaningful to me like what u did.. and for all happiness, sadness, enjoyable moments we share together, i will never forget it. u really mean to me. and you'd wish if i could be yours forever, this is my answer " I'm always yours, forever, from the first time we met, i'm already yours" :') 

paling besar saya kasi resize ni gambar.. I LOVE YOU MUHD HISYAM :) 

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