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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random 7Facts About me that you should know...

hello peeps.... 
so, i'm just jot down lil' things what you guys should know bout me... just like what i'd mention on my Title of Post.. 7?? why 7??? not 10?? or 11?? or 20??? sebab saya malas mau tulis panjang-panjang kay.. No laa... cause "7" is actually my favorite number.. :) yea... so here are the 7 Random Facts bout me.. if you guys wanna know, then just scroll down. if u don't interested just click "X" button on top of the right tab okay? do me a favor. :) 

i love Coca-Cola

i admire Taylor Lautner


#4. i love to sleep

#5. i'm obsessed with beautiful and cute stuff.

#6. i'm a fan of korean

#7. i love ice-cream

So guys, i'm just simple actually.. i'm just a rare girl in the big world. :)

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