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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Miss Her.


firstly, i wish you guys could help me by recite Al-fatihah to my late grandma.. *semoga dia di tempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman.

it's been a year ++ grandma had passed away.. I still remember how she scold us, love us, how she treat us as her grandchildren. No one can replace her.. i just miss her.. seriously... :( She'd leave us on 28th February 2011... it's very meaningful date.. on 28th February she passed away but then i finally meet my soulmate and his birthday is on 28th February... Yea, it's a sad case.. during his birthday this year(2012) i dunno what to do.. cause, actually i'm a bit sad and i always remember the memoir of my grandma.. so, to Hisyam... i'm very sorry if i don't give you a super special birthday suprise like what u'd expected.. actually, i'm trying to control my emotion during the day.. 

I still miss how she cook a breakfast for me, what usually she doing during the day.. and luckily i have a chance to take care of her when she sick. But, sad case is, i'm not be able to be by her side before she leave us forever.. i was in matrix and get ready for my mid-term exam... at 4.30 pm, i received a call from my sis and she told me "grandma had passed away". She's crying when she told me that. and i know it was hard for her to say it.. when i flashback all the memories, the last time i saw my grandma was when i'm having my chinese new year holiday. when the time i'd to go,  when i saw her eyes, by the look of her eyes... i'm worried.. i worry that it was the last time i could see those eyes.. and maybe i haven't a chance to see it again.. i said to my mom, i don't want to go back to Labuan, i want to stay to take care of her.. 

i was so fragile at that time, but yea, i faced it.. a week after my grandma passed away, my boyfie(which is now my ex) left me for other girl.. and i was like... =.= why?? why me??? why did God give me this??? but at the end, i'm really grateful.. sangat bersyukur. Tuhan beri ujian towards us to make us become more grateful to Him. && Tuhan tidak akan beri ujian yang tidak mampu untuk kita hadapi.. i faced it and it made me tough and strong... 

dan selepas all this stuff happens, i got my spa. dapat tawaran, && actually this is what my grandma always wish for me.. to get a job first and involved in this. Dia lebih suka saya involved di bidang kesihatan. mungkin ada hikmah behind this kan??? who knows??? God have plans. and we all have the go through it and take the chances. So people, be grateful for what we have. Face the obstacle and for sure it will make you more stronger one fine day. :)


Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hye Adila..
I'm glad to meet you..i'm sabahan blogger too..anyway,be strong yaa dear..everything happen have a,be good there..put u in my fav bloglist,keep in touch..=)

Adila Nuryein said...

:') thanks.. awwww... <3 i'd viewed you blog.. so cute.... very nice.. yea, i wish we could get to know each other well too..:) i'm still a newbie in blogging thingy.. :)