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Monday, June 4, 2012

18 Lessons To Learn When Relationship Ended

Assalamualaikum and have a nice day everyone... thanks for willing to read my blog.. so today, first entry for June, *well, i'm quite busy on my holiday... jadi babysitter..:) i just wanna share some of my thought, i've been in this situation before and i'd moved on so saya pun mau gurls out there to forget shit and moved on if you'd been dumped by guys or you dumped them.! well, girls rocks bhaaa!! :D 

so, just read it kay? :)

1. You deserve better.. 
believe me, kalau boyfie kamu kasi tggl kamu, u can get better than him.. just believe in yourselves baa.. don't just simply say, "he's the one and i can't live without him" sambil nangis2.. NO! totally wrong.. kamu belum jmpa lagi yang lain.. there's a lot guys/mens out there... 

2. His bad manner..
don't get too heartbroken, suppose y'alls rasa lega laa, cause hey... you're free now... just go and chillin', celebrating for being a free ladies.. :) kalau rasa terseksa dengan dia, you should be happy when he let you go. no more tears, no more pain... :) just move on.. 

3. Fair fight..
well, learn from your mistakes.. kalau reltionshit sblm ni not worked, maybe ada salah faham and y'alls not give him a chance to make it right, so next time when u have new boyfie don't do the same mistakes over and over again. :)

4. Inner thought..
just like what i've mentioned before, kalau pun y'alls break because of your fault, just think positive. tiada jodoh. think positive. everything happened ada hikmah dia.. God knows the best for you. 

5. Personal interest. 
well, sometimes bila suda mabuk bercinta then y'alls start to forget apa yang kamu-kamu semua suka buat dulu-dulu time single... well, if y'alls boring why not do that stuff like the old you.. just go hangout, watching movies ka, main bowling, archery kaa.. *all that my favorite stuff.. :) or else, pergi makan. :p

6.Friends reunion
after break-up with your damn boyfie, sure kawan is the best companion kan? :) then find your friends, your TRUE Friends kay... say sorry to them kalau dorang rasa terpinggir time dulu-dulu when you guys happy-happy coupling and all the stuff tu.. tell them how your true feeling.. sure they won't leave you alone to face your problem. 

7. Out of focus
well, sure la every break-up is the saddest part for girls... but, please.. don't focused too much on your sadness... you deserve to be happy.. don't ruined up your life just for a damn bloody hell boy. >.< not worth okay?? 

8. Be rational
well, kalau sedih jangan sampai kasi buruk-buruk ex-boyfie kamu di twitter or facebook, sampai mention-mention.. last-last, gaduh-gaduh and things going more worst. *at least umpat dorang d blog boleh. :D 

9. He's not the best
actually, they have prove to you he's not the best boyfie kan? well, biasalah tu.. time bercinta suma bahagia jaa.. mcm teda apa-apa yang kurang... just think positif seja, apa kebaikan kalau kamu dua berpisah. sure mind pun tenang and easy to forget them. :)

10. Fight or let go the relationshit
girls, bila bercinta sure la berabis mau berbaik, make up after break. well, kalau suda banyak berkorban, is it worth for us to fight for him again? does he cares bout what we've did for them?? Do they?? fikir laa... jalan terbaik, if they not willing to did what have you done to them, just let it go... don't you ever try to look back. they're not worth okay.

11. Give space for yourself.
sebelum ni terlalu rushing sangat mau couple?? okay, now give time for y'alls to build a new relationship with new man. jangan la rushing baa.. nda lari gunung di kejar tuu.. relax.. kay? give time, a month, 3 month la paling lama tuk kenal dia.. 

12. Don't force yourself..
well, kalau rasa new guy yang kamu kenal tu not match or tiada hati langsung, better stop it.. it will makes things going worst sejaa.. you will hurt him... don't hurt others kay? they're human also. so, think bout their feelings too.. 

13. Make friends
memang la sakit bila putus cinta ni, but jangan sampai y'alls thinks yang "all guys are same".. no laaa.. no such things.. :) tida semua sama.... rambut memang sama hitam, tapi hati lain-lain. jangan sampai takut mau kawan dengan lelaki pula.. 

14. Be yourself
dis is our problem, kalau mau lelaki hensem kan, trus girls akan jadi orang lain bukan jadi diri sendiri... nda perlu jadi hipokrit kay. just be yourself.. 

15. Don't be afraid
after being dumped, being cheated please don't be afraid to be alone.. we must strong and learn to live on and forget shit.. 

16. You cannot change people
when y'alls with him dulu, do you ever wish that he could change just for you? stop to think like that! you can't change people, you can't change the way they're. let them willing to do it for you. don't force! skrg, dorang rasa annoys with your behaviour, so, sepa yang suffer it?

17. Be strong enough
just be strong, even suda couple bertahun-tahun, sure it's damn sad kalau terputus di tengah jalan. but hey, just believe, God knows the best for you..

18. Appreciate yourself
being single and alone will make you more to appreciate yourself better. :) y'alls will be brave enough to say NO to bad things and YES to good things. love yourself first before others try to love you. :)

and last thing i wanna share... ini apa yang saya selalu baca and it makes me strong enough to move on..

Firman Allah:
 (Lazimnya) perempuan-perempuan yang jahat adalah untuk lelaki-lelaki yang jahat, dan lelaki-lelaki yang jahat untuk perempuan-perempuan yang jahat; dan (sebaliknya) perempuan-perempuan yang baik untuk lelaki-lelaki yang baik, dan lelaki-lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan-perempuan yang baik. 
 [Maksud surah al-Nur 24:26]

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