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Monday, June 25, 2012

Tears are word that unspoken


just open my blog today... quite early huh? well, something did happened to me a night before.. well, that's a sad story.. maybe? maybe it's only for me... we're almost to celebrate our first anniversary but things seems not work so good for us right now.. idk why... maybe i'm too jelly or maybe he's not giving me too much affection, idk. *sigh

you know what? sometimes, a little thing you do could break a girl's heart. :'( just so you know, i'm really hurt when the time i try to defend you but you blame me. it hurts me so much. you don't know what are the things i have sacrifice just for you... :'( you ask them to block me. yea, she did. what's the rational? to show that i'm the bad one? :'( 

after almost 10 months we have been together and now, i just think that i don't know you yet. and i'm so upset with myself. maybe i'm not the good one for you. maybe i'm not good enough for you. or it just maybe. :'(  idk. right know, i'm really confuse with myself. but, even how bad you treat me, i just can't let you go and i'm stay with you. reason? cause i love you so much. :'( 

but i feel bad to ur bestie and her girlfie.. i never want to offense them. i never hate them, it's just misunderstanding. and i'm trully sorry if i did harsh them with my words. i just hope you never gonna make me hurt too much again. but, yea... actually i'm pretty use to it. my ex did it before. i'm hurt too much. and smiles are the best make-up that girls can wear. no one know bout my past story. i never tell my friends about what worst thing had happened to me. i'm really not the one who can share anything towards people. personal story i mean. && you didn't know my whole story yet. 

i know we're okay for now. but, i'm still hurt. and i hope i can forget the things you'd told/text me that night. tears fallin', i did stupid things.. i never regret what i've done. cause the hurt you give is moreee pain that what i've done to myself. 

cherish her, give affection to her, make her think that she's the one that all you need in this world. u'll catch a girl's heart. and she'll be yours forever.

never hurt your love one.

yes, i still love you. no matter how hard i cry

treat your girl well

sorry for all my harsh words. 

xoxo, me. :'(


Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

hii dear..
woaahh..i realize something, is student nurse at KSKB KK.Am I right?,same goes like me..apparently,you is my junior hehe..anyway,nice to meet you..=)

Adila Nuryein said...

omgeeeeee... :D yea.. no wonder u like familiar to mee... sis sem brapa sda?? :p

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Actually,sis sem 5 dha,but need to extend my study for some reason,hehe..maybe next year..i'll continue then..again in sem,meet u there..=D

Adila Nuryein said...

owww... i'd visited your blog.. &&, i wish you all right and get well soon.. very soon sis.. :))) hahah~ yeaa.. keep on updating... nanti saya lawat2 :p