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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

She's the one for You

hey jerks, 

i'd saw her crying, i can feel her pain.. i saw her heartbroken, i was there when you dumped her for other girls. you said you love her and don't wanna let her go but what've you done. you betrayed her trust... and now, you make the same mistake again. what a shame.. doesn't she good enough for you? 

i really damnly hate a players a.k.a flirters. Be matured ba broo... Do you really enjoy to watch a girl's heart hurt in front of you? You really enjoyed it? :/ i've been in the situation before and trust me "what goes around comes around"... yes, you might be happy together with your new dump girlfie, carma will never leave you broo... and i hope i could watch it slap your face right in front of me and that time me and her will laugh together. if you read dis, i give you middle finger jerk.. 

towards guys out there, please don't hurt a girl's heart. we're fragile... if you don't love her anymore just say it. no need to give other reasons.. don't you ever comfort us with lies, speak the truth.. we won't bite. and towards girls out there, never be the reason for a couple to break-up. it really worst.. a girl will never hurt other girls heart aight? so... think bout it. how if other girl stole you boy, do you enjoy it? do you like it? stop make me feel annoy to jerks and bitches.. seriously, i'm sick of it. kbai. 

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