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Monday, July 16, 2012

15 July, a Memoir

Assalamualaikum bloggie. 

dis story is happen 2 years ago. If you still remember H. The date. If you ever remembered. I did. It's the date where we confess bout our feeling towards each other. For a week, u ask and try to persuade me to out from KML and be with you, so that we could study together in UTeM. even we both have different courses but still, in the same school. School of Engineering. :) 

You know what? i do proud of you. for what had you achieve. at that time and yet until now. i still respect you. We have been friends for a very long time. if someone ask, do i miss you? i will answer " a lot of things happen and both of us changed. I only miss how we use to be at the old we. But i didn't miss you" 

You left me without an explanation. You just left. if u read dis, if i ever did made you hurt before i just wanna say sorry and thanks for everything. cause i know, u don't want to meet me again aight?  but one thing i hope, if one day we able to meet up again, please explain to me, why did you left? what did i do? and i hope you'll meet someone special out there. I already meet my Mr. Right. thanks to you. If you didn't leave me behind, i wouldn't have a chance to get know him. I already forget you.. Most importantly,  I already forget everything bout US 
Much love, me. 

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