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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friend or Lover?

Assalamualaikum people... :)

so, late night talk.. :p it's been a while i'm rarely updating my blog at the middle of the night aight?
well, as you guys know... im really busy with all the college stuff. studies, assignment, presentation, this stuff here and there.. so dizzy... 

recently, i've a heart to heart talk with my precious one.. Hisyam told me, he's a bit upset with his friend. well, i know how he feel.. i'd the same feeling like what he'd through right now. but, sometimes, u have to understand... people changed... just because they meet someone new.. someone that they thought "he/she's the one for me and without him/her, i can't live anymore".. 

quite sad aight? but that's the truth... 

  the real friend for you are the one whom gonna be by your side at your worst and best part of life. that's what we called TRUE FRIEND.

and for that, i hope i'll be a really damn GOOD and TRUE FRIEND for all my bestie out there.. cause i know, i'll always have them either in my good or bad time.

so, folks.. even if you have your new life with someone, don't ya ever forget your closest/bestfriend around you.. they have gone through your shit and great moment together and they'd be witness for all your happy, enjoy, damnsh*t moments along your journey. don't just put them away when you meet someone new. it hurts.. by the way, i love all my besties... :)

xoxo, me. :)

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