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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Warming Welcome.. :)


now it's already 3rd July, lama saya tida update blog... quite busy here... new month, new code subject to learn, new semester and new freshie, new room-mate.. unfortunately, i really damnly miss my roomie.. :( even yang baru ni okey, but.. but... tetap tida dapat ganti yang lama.. she's really someone who i can trust,&& best roomie i ever have.. 

so, for this new month, i'm already in a new semester.. heh.. bukan lagi tahun 1.. tapi tahun 2.. year 2 semester 1 in diploma of Nursing, KSKB KK.. bukan lagi pakai bip hijau.. tapi bip biru.. hopefully dis semester i'm gonna face all the moments with a smile. happy dapat jumpa kawan2 balik.. mcm Azureen, Assury, Arleen, Bebe, Mimi, AJ, Iman, Bibi, Betny.. Oh God, i really miss them during the f*cking boring holiday.. :D 

so far, at the earlier.. quite relax laaa... no classes, cause most of us participate on Sukan KKM. well, bukan participate on sukan pun... just jadi sukarelawan and among us ada join kawad kaki.. so, quite busy lorhh..

not much i could tell ya... sebab it's too early kan? so, fellows... i'll keep updating... stay healthy guysss.... 

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