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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meaning of 'Zephyer'

Assalamualaikum buddies... :)

So, lets start the day with a smile.. :) ehh.. no.. ody afternoon pula ni.. :D and guess what, i'm updating my bloggie today at my class.. belum lagi ada sesi pembelajaran okay... i'm enjoying my rest right now... update my blog cuma untuk buat entry and dis entry is about maksud ZEPHYER.. someone had asked me... apa maksud dia.. they try to search it in dictionary but no result... paling2 pun zephyr.. 

okay guys.. let me tell ya aaa... actually if u guys perasan saya lebih banyak guna zephyer dalam emel, ID for bloggie, Google ID , etc... actually, Zephyer is a combination of Zephyr, For, Her.

Zephyr + For + Her = Zephyer

mcm pernah nampak kan? yea! my bloggie name.. :) actually saya suka gabung2 some words and make into a new word yang special. :) isn't it special.? like the way you pronounce it quite tricky ckit aight? :p 

so, who inspired me? of course la Hlovate.. :D Hate + Love = Hlovate.. it damn cool man... but maybe tidak semua orang suka kan buat begini and feel annoyed kali.. haha! 

So, dats all la for entry kali ni.. no need to write too long pasal ni semua.. if you guys have thought and made a cool name/word like what i did. let's share kay? :) May Allah bless us in dis Ramadhan season and happy fasting buddies. :)

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