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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All You have to Do is LISTEN


so, this is my 2nd entry for this warming July... im quite busy with the opening semester.. with all the stuff, being volunteer for Sukan KKM... make me tired and im too lazy to updating my blog.. sorry dear bloggy,.. :(

Well, this new semester, im trully stressed with all the responsibilities that my group gave me.. to be a leader in the group? Oh My English... i know i dont deserve this.. i'm really sucks when you guys says bout leadership kay?? i'm a bad leader.. like seriously... O.O but.. i'll try my best.. please lead me how to be a good leader.. :((((

here some thought i wanna share towards you guys... me and Hisyam had been fought few days ago.. like two in a rows.. :D 2 times i means.. we fought two times.. but, at the end it's all misunderstanding actually.. i never blame anyone... :))) don't worry dear.. well, girl... what you have to do when you heard rumors that say your boyfie is cheating on you.. please dont straight jump into conclusion kay? hear explanation from the both side.. do not make decision while you're mad. cause, i bet you honey, u wont like it..

Be a good listener.. sometimes, you cant just get what are they exactly tries to share with you... sometimes women are so difficult to understand.. it's up to you guys to understand what exactly they mean.. but, after a few fought with him, we're madly deeply in love with each other moree than before aight Dangshin? <3

it's quite late at night ody, i dont want to write a long entry for you guys to read.. stay cool folks..
so long and Good Night..
xoxo, Me.

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